Making Smoothies For Birthday

Blenders come in varied sizes and shapes, each designed optimally for a specific purpose. Looking for the right and the good smoothie blenders can be rather overwhelming. However, laying your hand on a right, quality and perfect blender is rewarding for your family. The family is assured of daily healthy and sumptuous smoothies.

There are a number of things you have to consider when selecting the blender in your favorite store. Cost ultimately is the first. Blenders come with varying prices depending on their quality and their sizes. You can save a few bucks with cheap blender on short-term, but on long-term you will spend more. It is not advisable to use price as a metric to judge a good blender; go for quality. It would be prudent to defer buying a cheaper and low quality blender and save for a quality and rather more expensive one.


Size matters. This factor has a direct relation with the size of the family. Most of blenders in the market are 32, 40, 48 or 64 ounce. For a larger family, a rather bigger size will enable you make enough smoothies for the whole family. For a smaller family, though, a compact model would suffice.

Stability of the blender is a crucial factor you need not forget. The blender’s bottom should be solid and has the ability to support it adequately. Blenders with wide, metal base are stable. Those with narrow base have a tendency to move around when operating.

What blender’s style best suit you? Is it immersion type or counter-top type? Counter-top blenders are more superior to immersion ones. They have larger capacity and are able to crush ice quite well.

Finally, power or the wattage rating of the machine may slip your thought. This is a very important factor to consider. Blenders come with different ratings; some are low, medium or high. A blender with more than 500 watts is ideal. You will be able to make some well-blended smoothies. You would not achieve this with a 350 watts one. A high-powered blender which can handle with ease things like frozen fruit, ice and berries is desirable. It should be able to puree and liquefy a range of ingredients making a creamy and savory smoothie.

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