Food Processor: Slice and Dice

Tired from work? No time to slice the vegetables and dice the onions for dinner? Not even a cup of cold smoothie to quench your thirst after exhausting day at work? Cheer up as the solution to all your worries is right here! Food processor can perform this entire task within seconds and captures your heart with its versatility of its functions. Now, here is the best surprise for all of you out there! Kitchenaid food processor accessories allow you to purchase additional appliances and attach it to the food processor to get the best out of your processor! Check out this best food processor review 2015.
First of all, there are multipurpose blades available which allows you to perform various tasks in your food processor such as slicing, mincing and dicing. There are different sizes of blades to be chosen from depending on the type of food processor that you own. You can pick the best type of blade which caters the need of your processor. Apart from that, you can also purchase a special ice grating disc to be attached to your processor. This disc can be a great help in preparing a cup of ice blended for yourself after an exhausting day at work.

Are you an egg lover? Dying to taste a perfectly whipped egg at the cost of your own kitchen? Well, Kitchenaid food processor accessories provide an egg whip tool which can make your dreams come true! You can prepare whipped egg within minutes! Isn’t that awesome?

In addition to that, there is additional shredding disc which can be purchased separately to shred ingredients. There are two different sizes to choose from which are 4mm and 6mm. You can decide on the best type of shredding disc based on the thickness of shred that you need. If you need the shredding to be thicker, then you should go with the 6mm disc but if you want the shredding to be thin then 4mm disc is your choice.

You can also choose to buy the slicing disc which comes in different sizes as well. If you want the slices to be thin, then you should get yourself the 2mm slicing disc. However, if you want your slicer to be thick, then go for the 4mm slicing disc. Just decide on the type of thickness you want and you can choose from a wide variety of choice for every function. Kitchenaid food processor accessories have various choices to be selected from, especially to cater the different functions of the food processor.

There are also single or double tube feed pusher to be chosen from. Depending on the type of food processor you own, choose the tube feed pusher to allow proper insertion of food within the tube of the processor. This can reduce the risk of food spilling out of the processor or the food didn’t reach the blade to be properly processed. By acquiring this tube feed pusher you can free yourself from these worries because best food processor would never let you down at any point! Therefore, enjoy the awesome benefits of the accessories now!

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How our restaurant keeps on growing with the right chef knives


When we started planning on opening a restaurant near our home earlier this year, we looked into all details like layout, access, kitchenware, lighting etc. One main thing that we forgot right until the end was to get chef knives. We wanted to serve steaks mainly, and somehow the most vital part in preparing the right-sized steaks with a proper knife was forgotten. We wanted at least seven such knives since we had tables to seat 50 persons at any one time.

The local kitchenware store was not of much help since they didn’t stock the knives we were looking for. We wanted knives with at least 10-inch blades, and they stocked nothing more than six inches. So we started looking for best chef knives 2015 online. After searching a couple of pages, we could locate a site that had 10-inch blades. They also promised delivery within two days. Our main chef has rather large hands, and so we needed a large handle that would preferably be contoured to give it a firm grip. We ordered eight knives, with three of them having eight-inch blades to do the finer jobs like mincing, chopping, dicing etc. The best part was all the knives came with lifetime warranties. Other than occasionally sharpening them when required, they wouldn’t require any maintenance at all.

There was one more thing that we looked at before deciding our purchase. We read reviews by users at various sites, and nearly all of them gave 5* ratings to these knives. At least 90% of them said they never needed to sharpen the knives despite using them for 10 years or more. These were mostly personal users though, who didn’t need the knives that often. With commercial users like us, we knew we had to sharpen the knives occasionally. They all had heavy forged blades though, which assured durability and lesser need for sharpening, which we felt was an extremely good feature.

We are nearly three months into the business, and people who eat the steaks here swear that ours is the best steak joint in the district. Our business keeps growing each day. People say the steaks have the right taste and perfect cuts. Thanks to our finding such great knives, we can do the right cuts every day, while the head chef is busy experimenting with ageing the steaks and creating new sauces.

5 knives every home chef should own –

My Wisest Choice On Coffee Makers Thus Far

I had been looking for a replacement to my old coffee maker everywhere. It had finally quit on me after several good years of service. I tried to seek advice from friends but they did not really do a good job convincing me about the ones they had.

I started going from store to store looking for one that would really work well for me. All I found were the models my friends were complaining about. After a few days of no coffee and disappointment I was ready to go and buy any that came my way first. I left the house and went to work. While at the office, I got so groggy and I decided to kill my boredom by browsing the net.

I almost gave up on my search for the best coffee maker or espresso maker, but on that day as I was seated staring at the computers screen I decided to try my luck on online stores. The results were very impressive. I had a wide variety to pick from. I have never been as happy at that moment when I spotted the best coffee maker of my dreams. It was more than I had ever hoped for. It could make more cups of coffee than I could ever need, which is never a bad thing, and quickly, for those mornings I’m late and can’t wait around.
making coffee
I immediately knew I needed to get my hands on it since there were only a few remaining at the online store. I quickly added the coffee maker to the cart and paid for it. And boy, was the shipping fast! The very next day it was delivered right at my doorstep.

The moment I opened the package, I fell even more in love with it. It was just perfect! I was so excited, I just went straight to the kitchen and plugged it in. After reading the instructions I went ahead and put water and ground coffee in it. I was so impressed at the speed at which the coffee was made. Within no time I had the best cup of coffee I had ever had. Well brewed and giving off a rich aroma to die for. What’s more, it’s completely safe to use and doesn’t malfunction; plus it’s got an automatic shut-off so I don’t worry about leaving it on when I’m at work.

I was glad to have the power to make the best coffee in my own kitchen. I must say, it was worth the wait. And I can honestly say I have the best coffee maker among my friends, and they agree, or else they wouldn’t be stopping by my place for a cup of coffee.

The Cuisinart Toaster that Changed My (Breakfast) Life

Looking at my old, timeworn toaster, I felt that I needed something other than a bread crumb ridden piece of old metal. Every morning I was welcomed by the smell of burnt slices (the thing started malfunctioning a couple of years ago, but I endured the unpleasant flavor and just kept using it). The people I live with, however, just kept nagging me day after day, asking for a new one, until the good old toaster gave up and stopped working altogether.We tried many gourmet shops and retailers, but honestly, the prices they asked didn’t justify the functions, and in some instances, the machines they presented were just a big mess of fancy buttons with hundreds of less than useful functions.
toast for breakfast
Starting to feel the pressure of toasting my bread on the pan, I decided to check online for something that would finally deliver me from this (figurative) pain, ultimately getting hold of one of those Cuisinart toasters. Going through a few more days of pan-toasting along with the never ending complaints of the ones who share their breakfast with me, the toaster finally arrived at home. The impressive Cuisinart package was finally disposed of and we decided to check the impressive piece of stainless metal right away.

Having four slots, the toaster allowed us to skip all the waiting and fighting to decide who would go first. The one thing I liked about this Cuisinart toaster was the absence of levers and fancy LED display that told me when to expect my delicious bread to come out. My friend Paul remained speechless when instead of the all familiar lever mechanism, the toaster presented us with a motorized lift mechanism that gently provided our well toasted bread.

This has taught me a couple of lessons; first, you never know how the future will present itself (in this case, in form of Cuisinart toasters, wonderful!). Second, the way you toast your stuff in the morning really is important, ok?

Greek Yogurt For My Family At A Fraction Of The Cost

My family and I absolutely love Greek yogurt. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a cup of thick creamy delicious yogurt? When I buy ordinary yogurt, it stays in the fridge sometimes for more than a week but when I buy Greek yogurt, am lucky if it lasts three days.

Greek yogurt is the ultimate snack for my family and my kids were always begging me to get more for them but there was only one problem, Greek yogurt is extremely pricey especially compared to ordinary yogurt. I understood that it was way better than plain ordinary yogurt but I just couldn’t afford it as an everyday snack.

A few weeks ago while we were visiting my sister I noticed that she served delicious Greek yogurt to my kids which they quickly finished and were soon asking for more. My sister cheerfully obliged although I was a bit worried that they were draining their weekly stock.

When the kids went out to play I tried to explain that my kids absolutely loved Greek yogurt and I hoped that they hadn’t had more than their share. That’s when she took me to the kitchen and showed me her brand new Greek yogurt maker. Just like me she couldn’t afford store bought Greek yogurt every single day and so she had to find an alternative.
The Greek yogurt maker was an absolute money saver. It allowed her family to have as much Greek yogurt as they wanted at a fraction of the cost. Needless to say, as soon as I got home I went online and made an order for my own Greek yogurt maker and since it’s so easy to make, the very day that it was delivered I made my family their very first batch of homemade Greek yogurt which they absolutely loved.

And the best part is that I no longer have to worry about how much Greek yogurt my kids have because it won’t dent my wallet.

Love Making Bread? You’ll love Cuisinart!

Let me start off by saying that I am no Martha Stewart. I am not crafty in the least, and I am not one that is known for being great at cooking, baking, or doing much of anything that qualifies as “domestic”. I love looking up delicious recipes on Pinterest, but every time I attempt one, it seems to come out inedible.
One of the things that I have been trying to do recently is make my own bread. I have come across countless recipes online that sound great, but I just have not been able to master the technique needed to make it from scratch. I told my sister about my recent kitchen nightmares, and she recommended that I look into purchasing a bread maker as they take a lot of the guess work out of baking bread. Quick and fool-proof sounded great to me, so I took to the internet to do some research.

When I looked up “bread makers” online, the first brand that I came across was Cuisinart. The majority of the Cuisinart bread machine reviews that I came across were incredibly positive, which was intriguing to me. I saw all kinds of recipes for their bread machines, and lots of pictures of the “finished products” that other people had made. Although there were other brands that I like, I decided that Cuisinart was worth a try and headed out that same day to purchase one of my own.

I was FLOORED. The process of making bread with the Cuisinart bread machine was SO SIMPLE! I whipped up a batch in no time, and it was absolutely delicious. My family raved about it, and before I knew it, they were begging me to make some more! Being somewhat of a failure in the kitchen, this was totally new to me, and it felt great!

So, friends, if you’re looking for a way to make bread that will compensate for your lack of domestic abilities, I absolutely recommend that you give a Cuisinart bread machine a try! You will not regret it (unless you’re counting carbs!).

Making Smoothies For Birthday

Blenders come in varied sizes and shapes, each designed optimally for a specific purpose. Looking for the right and the good smoothie blenders can be rather overwhelming. However, laying your hand on a right, quality and perfect blender is rewarding for your family. The family is assured of daily healthy and sumptuous smoothies.

There are a number of things you have to consider when selecting the blender in your favorite store. Cost ultimately is the first. Blenders come with varying prices depending on their quality and their sizes. You can save a few bucks with cheap blender on short-term, but on long-term you will spend more. It is not advisable to use price as a metric to judge a good blender; go for quality. It would be prudent to defer buying a cheaper and low quality blender and save for a quality and rather more expensive one.


Size matters. This factor has a direct relation with the size of the family. Most of blenders in the market are 32, 40, 48 or 64 ounce. For a larger family, a rather bigger size will enable you make enough smoothies for the whole family. For a smaller family, though, a compact model would suffice.

Stability of the blender is a crucial factor you need not forget. The blender’s bottom should be solid and has the ability to support it adequately. Blenders with wide, metal base are stable. Those with narrow base have a tendency to move around when operating.

What blender’s style best suit you? Is it immersion type or counter-top type? Counter-top blenders are more superior to immersion ones. They have larger capacity and are able to crush ice quite well.

Finally, power or the wattage rating of the machine may slip your thought. This is a very important factor to consider. Blenders come with different ratings; some are low, medium or high. A blender with more than 500 watts is ideal. You will be able to make some well-blended smoothies. You would not achieve this with a 350 watts one. A high-powered blender which can handle with ease things like frozen fruit, ice and berries is desirable. It should be able to puree and liquefy a range of ingredients making a creamy and savory smoothie.

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I’m glad I bought the best microwaves with convection

I have recently bought one of the best microwaves with convection and I’m so happy with my purchase. My appliance is a combination of a regular convention oven with a microwave, which means that I have both hot air and microwaves for cooking my food. This is great because I can get the speedy interior heating power of microwaves and the tasty surface browning of hot air. Convection also makes my cooking faster and my food is more even. Both functions can be used simultaneously, and so I can use the microwave to cook my potatoes faster, and the convection to make them yummy on the outside.

My convention oven uses a fan to circulate heated air, which allows it to operate at lower temperatures while cooking my food more quickly. This means that when I’m baking something, it bakes evenly. When I was shopping for an oven, I discovered that at the lower end, we have the oven and microwave, each having different functions. At the middle tier, we have the convection oven, which is better than a regular oven. And then at the top tier, we have the best microwaves with convection, which provide all the features that I was looking for, including quick heating, cooking, baking and browning with evenness.


I do lots of cooking and I used to have only one oven. After finding myself constantly wishing for a second oven, I decided to buy the convention microwave, which is a truly multi-purpose appliance. Since a microwave and an oven have different features, the appliance has made things easier for me by combining all of them in one appliance. As a result, I can save money because I don’t need to buy different appliances to suit my needs.

Even though I paid more for my convention microwave, I consider it a worthy buy because it does more than a standard microwave. Unlike a traditional oven, my microwave convention oven requires less energy to operate, which means more savings on gas and electricity. However, I need to select the kind of cooking I want, set the temperature, and then stay close while my food is cooking. This is quite different from a regular microwave where I just press one button and leave my food to cook. My regular microwave can reheat but it can’t roast while my regular oven is able to roast but its heating capabilities are limited. With my microwave convention oven, these limitations have been removed thanks to its versatility.